Dear Reader,

My name is Dimitrios Tomaras and I consider myself to be a dedicated adventurer and as of now moderately-skilled blogger. I am a recent graduate from McGill University holding a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in economics and minoring in neo-Hellenic studies. Some of my passions include soccer, rock-climbing, travelling, reading, fitness, and music. Several years ago I began my academic journey as a young, innocent, first-year student enrolled in the beginner’s Greek language course at McGill. The course was demanding, challenging and rewarding. By the end of the year, I was able to communicate verbally, as well as read and write in modern Greek. This course introduced me to the language and culture from a formal perspective which I had previously lacked. Following this marvelous introduction I discovered three things, a renewed personal interest in Greece, and a neo-Hellenic minor program at McGill, and my first grey hair. Over the next two years I took advanced language, modern history, ancient history, as well as cultural classes all revolving around this tiny country of 11 million people. As a slightly older, slightly less innocent, soon-to-be graduate I decided that a trip to Greece would be a fitting reward after 3 years of hard-work. I imagined long lazy days on the beach, surrounded by frappes, gyros, and island hoppers. Then I applied for McGill’s Greek Grand Summer Tour Fellowship, won it, and realized everything I had imagined was wrong.

My two week journey in Greece consisted of gallavanting around the Peloponessus (mostly) visiting various sites and cities I had learned about at McGill equipped with nothing but an ancient Fiat Panda which has slightly less horsepower than my fridge, a fellow McGill graduate with her high performance camera, and a few euros. I suggest you read my blog posts which consist of interesting information regarding many different Greek cultural and historical phenomena and some of our exciting near-death experiences. A special thanks to McGill’s neo-Hellenic program who gave me the linguistic, historical and cultural tools needed to immerse myself in the Greek experience and for their financial support. I would also like to thank fellow McGillian Mathilde Duclos for putting up with me over these two weeks, but mostly for lending me her high-performance camera.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, career opportunities, or would just like to say hello, I would be delighted to hear from you!


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