Polilimnio Waterfalls

We were on our way to my grandfather’s house on the southern tip of the Greek province of Messinia. As we were driving we saw a sign which said ‘polilimnio waterfalls.’ After several hours of mountainous and desert like scenery we thought it would be a suitable change. Another sign at the foot of the entrance read “climb at your own risk.” Our adventurist spirits arose within us and enabled us to overcome hours of fatigue. No challenge was too big at this point and nothing was going to stop us from reaching these waterfalls.

At the beginning of our climb we noticed the streams were filled with a dense light blue water, probably best described as aquamarine. The area was also filled with strange insects I had never seen before. It really felt as if we had stepped into another planet and had to double check with my companion to make sure we were still in Greece. Then we began our rigorous climb that was filled with wobbly rocks, awkward jumps and slippery slopes.

After a painstakingly long forty-five minute climb with several near-death experiences we had finally arrived at what seemed like paradise. Imagine a serene pond surrounded by cliffs, tree and a breathtaking waterfall with lazy sunlight just barely poking over the cliff. Everyone who had braved the climb radiated happiness from being in such a beautiful atmosphere. The water was mildly lukewarm and pleasant for swimming. We had truly discovered Messinia’s best-kept secret. Having been to Messinia several times and having family in the area I had never heard of the waterfalls but I was thrilled to have made this discovery.

If you enjoy nature, hiking, spectacular views or just want a change of scenery, I strongly recommend visiting this natural phenomena. This pleasant surprise was one of the best moments of my grand tour.

DSC_0933  IMG_2107

IMG_2110 IMG_2108IMG_2109IMG_2111

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